Wind Power Plants

Did you know you can build your own wind power plants, aka wind mills, saving $10,000’s off retail price? You have probably read about it or seen it on TV, but have you tried it yourself?

There are step-by-step video guides online right now that can show you how to reduce your power bill by making your own windmills.

Learn to build home wind turbines. You can make FREE homemade wind turbine blades and it will only take about an hour to finish a set of 3.

Learn how to make a 1,000 watt wind turbine for less than $150 (including tower) and a 3,000 watt wind turbine for about $220!

Some people are saving 50% on their power bill, some people are reducing their bill to nothing. But what’s most impressive is that just by following these instructions some are even making the power company pay them!

We can all see how gas prices and energy costs are rising. And there is no indication that they will fall in the near future. In fact, all the evidence points to higher and higher prices in the upcoming years.

Whether you are concerned about the rising costs of heating and cooling your home, or you would like to get off the “grid” because you don’t trust it, making your own electricity is the smart thing to do.

Don’t know whether you should go with solar panels or wind power? Go with both! They compliment each other…when it’s rainy and windy but not much sun, you’ll be happy you have your windmills! When it’s summer time and there’s not much wind but the sun is shining hot and bright, your solar panels will be going to work for you!

But don’t buy your solar or wind power turbine systems….make them for dirt cheap instead. The resources on this page will get you up and running producing your own energy in no time! Get started today!

Here’s a great guide to help you get started right now….read it today:

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